• Robin Glembotzky

Winding down-without losing momentum

Yesterday, in the U.S., was the last SAT exam, for 2018. Next Saturday will be the last ACT exam, for the year.

Students, everywhere, are focused in on Christmas break. Finishing up projects. Studying for their finals.

"The Spring SAT or ACT? It's too far away!"

As I've mentioned before, the scores are only part of the admission process. But you don't want to wait until the last minute to prepare. So, how do you balance having time off and still keep moving toward your goal?

The best suggestion I give all my students is read.

Yes, I know! You've just spent the semester reading! But read for fun. Pick a book that you didn't have time to read, during the school year. Relax, and just find something enjoyable to get lost in.

How will this help you prepare for the exam? A few different ways. It will help your reading speed, the more you read, the faster you will read. It will help your vocabulary. More than likely, you'll encounter a word you're not familiar with. But understanding the context it's in, you'll understand more about that word, even if you don't look it up.

And lastly? It will help you relax.

Everyone needs some down time. Some time to just recharge and relax. Reading allows you that time. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, a good book and relax. You'll keep moving towards your goals at the same time you are taking care of yourself.

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