• Robin Glembotzky

What is an average SAT score?

So, you've signed up to take the SAT. And you might be wondering, how do you stack up to the others, in your State?

First, let's look at the breakdown of the SAT. Total score is 1600, right? That's divided between the Math section (800 pts) and the Reading/Writing section (800 pts combined). For 2017, the College Board reported the following average SAT scores.

Math: 527

Reading/Writing: 533

Composite: 1060

Now, remember these are average scores, across the country. Plus, not every State requires students to take the SAT. Of the States where the SAT is required, the average score was 1041 (Connecticut). The lowest was 950 (District of Columbia).

While these scores may not seem that difficult to achieve, remember you need to check the score requirements of the school you want to attend. Also, remember to check the particular major you are interested in pursuing.

I know you're probably wondering, "what does it take to get into Harvard, or another Ivy League?" For the eight Ivy League schools (including MIT, Univ of Chicago and Cornell), you're looking at:

Math: 796

Reading/Writing: 791

Composite: 1580

These are the scores that 75% of the students applying to these schools achieved.

Colleges look at SAT scores as an indicator of how well a student will do in college. Getting into your dream school is achievable. Just make sure you have all the right tools to make sure you get there.

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