• Robin Glembotzky

Was it worth it?

Last week the headline that caught my eye, was the college admissions scandal. If you haven't read about it, take a look.


It came down to parents, wanting their child to get into a particular college, at any cost. Parents spent money to get their children onto sports teams. Sports that their child had never even participated in. Buying a spot for them. Paying for other students to take their child's entrance exams.

When I first read the story, I got angry. I tutor SAT and ACT exam prep. I have students who are busting their butts to do their schoolwork, work part time and are finding time to prepare for these college entrance exams. Students who don't have parents who pay for their child's spot in college. Students who, as a result of what happened, may have missed out on their chance to get into a particular college.

That was last week, and this week?

The fallout.


You see, while it's embarrassing, for the parents, and cost them additional money, in legal fees, their children will also have to pay. They will pay by not being allowed to continue in their school. Or, being denied even getting into a school.


And this is only part of the issue. In this worlds of Instagram, FB, Snapchat and a multitude of social media outlets, it won't take long until those students, who knew what was going on, will face peer backlash.

And what are their options, if they leave their school, or were planning on attending a school, this Fall? At this point, the College Board and ACT.org will invalidate their exams. So, they'll have to sit for them. It's March 19th. While the SAT and ACT are both available to take, how realistic would be be to expect to get a top grade on an exam and get it submitted in time to go back to school, this Fall? Possible? Yes, but it will be extremely difficult.

People cheat and some get away with it. Sadly, people do it all the time. Cheating on your diet? You may feel bad for a day, but it won't alter your life. Cheating to get into college? It will change your life.

So, it comes back to the question I asked as my title, "was it worth it?".

No, I can't imagine how it would ever be worth it.

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