• Robin Glembotzky

Tricks of the trade

While there, really, are no shortcuts in taking the SAT or ACT, knowing a few "tricks" on the Exam may just help you gain a few points.

First, the instructions.

Do you need to read the instructions for each section? Well, probably not. By this point, you've taken more than one practice exam, so you're familiar with the instructions. You know how to fill in the bubble answer and you know how everything is arranged. Save yourself a few moments and bypass the instructions.

What do you think is the number #1 time waster on the exam?


Both the SAT and ACT are set up that 2 of the 4 answers are wrong. Then one is "slightly" correct, and then, of course, there is the correct answer. Having practiced multiple times, you've gotten good about eliminating the wrong answers. You know the correct answer. But then you're taking the exam and what happens? You start to doubt. DON'T!!!! Remember how well you did during your practice exams. Pick your answer and move on. Most of the time your gut is correct. If you want, circle the question but move on. Come back if you have time, but only after answering all the other questions.

These exams are about getting the correct answers within the time frame allowed. If you're working with a tutor, they will help you with your timing, for each section. If you are working alone, use a timer. Using a few of these tricks will help, in addition to practicing your timing.

Stay calm. You know what to do.


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