• Robin Glembotzky

The waiting game.......

3 weeks ago, thousands of high school students sat for their SAT exam.

I tell my students that what I do is help them focus. Help them to pinpoint where they need extra help. Bring out what they know. Students taking the SAT and ACT are juniors and seniors. So, by the time I meet them, they've seen this material before, but, in some cases, it's been a while. As tutors, it's our job to remind them of what they know. Remind them that they have the ability, the knowledge. They just need a shot of confidence and some focus.

Then the big day is come and gone and, once again, everyone waits.

The College Board posts the dates of when the scores, for each test, will be released. And thousands of students wait anxiously to find out if they will get the score they need.

And, believe or not, so do we tutors. Did we help them? Was all that extra work we gave them of any help? Could we have done more???

I rejoice every time I hear one of the students I worked with, achieved their dream score. And my heart breaks when I hear they didn't.

Our students dream of their future when they study for the SAT. And I, for one, am honored that I get to be part of that dream.

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