• Robin Glembotzky

SAT/ACT and AP exams-can you keep up?

In the last week, we've seen some major changes with the College Board, and the ACT. First, the College Board.

Last Saturday was, supposed to be, the day many students had spent months preparing for. Taking their SAT exam. However, as the coronavirus concerns increased, the College Board started to close testing centers. Students were sent an email, last Wed, advising them of the change. However, many then received a followup email, on Friday telling them their test was to be rescheduled. Some students found out the hard way.

They showed up on Saturday morning and found this:

At first, the College Board informed everyone that their test would be rescheduled. However, that lasted for a couple of days. The next announcement was one that many was hoping wouldn't happen but feared would.

For many, this was going to be their last chance to improve their grade to get into their dream school. For some, it was the last chance to get into college this year.

But just like the virus that is causing all of this, the College Board changed things again.

This past Tuesday, just 6 days after the College Board started closing test centers, they announced their biggest change.

The May SAT is now canceled. And the June exam is up in the air. This all happened in the span of a week. It makes sense. There is still so much not known about how this virus works, that eliminating large gathering is the easiest preventative measure. While the SAT will not be eliminated (sorry), this will affect millions of students. Not only seniors who were hoping for a last-minute score increase, but juniors.

The SAT is, typically, given to juniors in the Spring of the Academic year. This ensures they all get a

The College Board acted on the AP exams, on Friday, March 20th. The AP exams will now be online. They will be shortened. Here's the link to exactly what they are doing.


Stay tuned for what's next!!

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