• Robin Glembotzky

Cram course for the SAT?

Bet that title caught your eye, right? But is an SAT tutor really advocating you cram for the SAT?

The SAT (and the ACT) both cover a great deal of information. It takes time to review all of that material. Is there any way to "cram"? Sadly, no, BUT what if you had 6-7 weeks before the exam? And you were able to work on just the main points that you need.

This past Friday the College Board released the score for the October 2nd exam. Many students use this exam for early admission. Not everyone was happy with their score here. As most people now regular admission is around the first of the year period sometime in January. So often students will take this chamber exam to give it another shot. That exam is a little less than 7 weeks away so how can you change your score? Can you?

If you took the SAT in October, the College Board offers you a unique opportunity. The Question and Answer Service.

The Question-and-Answer Service gives you

A booklet copy of the test you took, which includes the questions.

The correct answers.

How the questions were scored.

This is a detailed report that will show you the type of question asked and its difficulty. This report also shows your answers. In addition, it will tell you whether you answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted the question.

This service is only offered if you took the SAT in October, March, or May in the United States or Canada. If you take the SAT outside of the U.S., this service is only available for May test dates.  It costs less than $20.  

This service is available via your online SAT scores.

The question is, is it worth it? Once again, the answer is......

The SAT is a very extensive exam, covering plenty of concepts and material. If you had the means to narrow down your study focus, wouldn't you do it? Finding out what you missed would be a great asset before the next exam. Can it be done in 6 weeks?

Yes, remember you've already studied for this exam. Think of this as a "brushup". Only focus on the concepts you missed. For example, say you missed some of the evidence questions, as part of the Reading section. Spend the time to understand why you missed that type. That's the key to making sure you don't miss any more of those types. So, to recap.

If you're unsure of how to put a plan together, let me know. I'd be happy to help.

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