• Robin Glembotzky

Choosing a college

Here in Colorado, students have returned to school, for the Fall. For many, it's a time to finalize college plans. So, how do you decide, or even narrow down your choices? Here's a few ways to help you make that, all important, decision.

What's your major?

This is one of the first things people will ask, when you say you want to go to college. But don't worry if you haven't decided. Based on the most recent student polls, more than 50% of incoming college freshman do not declare a major. What does this mean in regards to choosing a major? Think about your interests. You need to ask yourself some hard questions.

What do you want to do in college? Yes, study but what else do you, honestly, want out of the college experience? Recently, I had two students go visit the same university. They both were looking at possible engineering majors. They did not know one another.

After their visits, the first one said, "it's a great school! The town is focused on the university so there are no distractions to studying!". The second student said, "it's a great school, but there is nothing to do there, but study".

Same school but each student looked at it very differently. The first student looked at the fact it was a sleepy town as a positive, the second thought it wasn't a positive. You are going to college to study, but be honest with yourself. Its four years of your life.

Location, location, location.

You've heard it said, often, about real estate. Well, think about it in regards to college.

This part involves a number of factors. Unfortunately, nowadays, the number one deciding factor is cost. Can you (and your family) afford the cost if you go away? There are numerous scholarships and financial aid options, so don't rule out going away to college. Going away, to college, is a very unique experience. I would never discourage anyone from pursuing that avenue. I was 19 when I moved 3000 miles away to college. While it was hard, that first year, I am forever grateful for the experience. But, as I said, it was hard, both emotionally and financially. It is a decision that should involve your entire family.

Which ties, directly into.....WHERE???

Study.com gives an excellent graphic that addresses this.

This will help you make a list. Don't exclude any college. If you want to go to Harvard, but think you don't have the grades, put it on the list! It's your dream college! Don't forget, you're going to college, dream big!!

Choosing a college can be scary. But if you take the time to sit down and plan things out, it will not be as scary as you might think.

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